Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quake Hits Our Office

Thirty seconds. That's how long the 6.2 magnitude quake swayed our office in Eastwood.

We were busy discussing office matters when one of my office mates said: "I'm sorry. I'm just scared." Actually, I did not notice it until she said something. She was really scared I saw it. She wanted to run but I dissuaded her. There could be stampede if everybody starts running.

Our client from Stockholm, Sweden was worried because her fiancee was at the 26th floor. She was panicky. Minutes after, she relayed that while the quake was terrifying her, she could see by the window that construction workers are still working. Our client said: "Some people are just braver than the rest."

The Haiti thing makes quakes unbearable these days. Not another strong quake please.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Earthquakes All Over the Planet

Why in the world are we having so many earthquakes? After earth shook in Chile with magnitude 8 quake, another one hit Taiwan. Quakes are really making me worry.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

When You Love Someone

Be a fool for love, just for a few minutes... Write it. Say it. No matter how goofy it may sound, sing it. Love is not just in the air. It is whispering in your ear. -- Love is more powerful than we know.

Happy puso everyone!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ara Mina On National Issues

Here comes another hot controversy involving actors running for public office. Ara Mina takes the hot seat...

I have read the feedback on this I.M.O. video. Critics are feasting. And nasty comments are spreading like wildfire. How politically incorrect are her answers? I think it was obvious. And there is no need to make the obvious more obvious.

Sure, national issues awareness is a crucial determinant in choosing our leaders . First things first, how can they put solution to a problem know nothing about. They will just be searching in their head something which is not there. However, said awareness is not a guarantee that candidates will eventually become good servant leaders or politicians for that matter. There are a lot of intelligent politicians (more morons though). They sure know what is happening all over the Philippines. Unfortunately, they became part of national issues they vowed to resolve back when they were campaigning.

Your vote could be a catalyst in shaping our nation. It may sound annoying already but it pays to vote for the right candidate. Please do.
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